How The Buddha Box Works


Brought to you by TheWellnessCo. The Buddha Box is an organic holistic subscription service designed to bring calm, health and happiness into your life. 
Each box you receive contains a revolving supply of holistic organic wellness products (as the wellness market evolves, so does your box!), an aromatherapy service that teaches you about different oils and how you can use them for good health & well-being and so many wonderful Australian wellness products. 

So take a weight off your shoulders, immerse yourself in pure serenity, turn off your racing mind and learn to let go of the hectic, busy society that we live in and indulge in the greatest health products available today.
Enjoy it again, and again, and again...
Payments for The Buddha Box Subscription.
The Buddha Box is a subscription box. Every 4 months you will be billed for your Buddha Box - around the 25th. Your box will then be shipped to you between 8th and the 12th of the following month. You will have complete control of these payments in your account and there are no contracts involved!
If you order your Buddha box towards the end of the cycle (for example the final date for the summer box is the 20th Jan), your next payment is due only one month away. Your payments will then regulate to every 4 months.
When will my box arrive?
This part may seem confusing! So, let's break it down!
Our Subscription Buddha box will go out 3 times a year for 3 times the joy!
We are bringing you our first Buddha box in mid-October. So cut off time for this Buddha Box is the 20th September.
Our 2nd Buddha Box will go out in mid-February. So cut off for this
Buddha Box is January 20th.
Our 3rd Buddha Box will go out mid-June and cut off for this 
Buddha Box will be May 20th.
So expect a wonderful box full of Australian wellness products delivered to your door to remind you of how wonderful you are.
Arriving at your door in October / February / June.