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  • The 5 sense meditation is found in The Buddha Box taking you to new level of sensory exploration! Blog post brought to you by TheWellnessCo.
    13 reasons why you should be meditating is a bite size blog which includes information extracted from various science journals. This article is to demonstrate the incredible benefits meditation can bring from happiness and self-awareness to a very powerful pain relief.
    13 Reasons why you need to be using guided meditation

    13 Reasons why you need to be meditating In this day and age, we have all heard somewhere along the line that meditation is good for you. But what is...

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  • 10 ways to actually enjoy winter. The Zen Journal giving proven tips to promote happiness this winter.

    10 Wonderful tips to help you actually enjoy this winter! Winters are long in the UK, 5 months of a year is a long time to be feeling down and tired. Let's turn that around.

    Did you know that light increases endorphins and makes you feel good? The low light we experience in the winter months increases serotonin and this makes you sleepy! Here are some very simple ideas to help balance out those hormones and have you feeling tip top.

    10 Ways to Actually Enjoy Winter

    Grey skies, cold weather, a lack of vitamin D, reduced activity and overeating are all signs that winter has arrived! A large percentage of Brits suffer with SAD (Seasonal Affective...

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  • the laughing buddha
    The laughing Buddha, a great Zen master. Laughter was his method of enlightenment which he used to raise the spirits of many during his life. His laughter was contagious, bringing enlightenment to all he met with.
    Laughing Buddha – A Great Zen Master

    To introduce you to TheWellnessCo. We have decided to explain our logo to you! Our logo incorporates the full meaning of this subscription service and that is to bring you...

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